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Michelle PatelMichelle Patel
16:08 31 May 23
I could not be more pleased with the professional service we received on my first time working with Liberty Title! The staff are amazing, knowledgeable and I like their portal system!
David GaffneyDavid Gaffney
18:45 05 May 23
My experience with Liberty time was efficient and friendly. Documents were accurate and timely. Thanks for getting us in and out quickly.
Carrie ThompsonCarrie Thompson
18:02 28 Apr 23
If you're looking for a top-notch title company that truly cares about their customers, look no further than Liberty Title! These guys are the real deal. They're a team of experienced professionals who really know their stuff, and they're committed to providing the best service possible.One thing that really sets Liberty Title apart is their communication skills. They're always available to answer questions and keep you updated on the status of your transaction. And they're great at explaining things in a way that's easy to understand.Another thing I love about Liberty Title is their attention to detail. They're super thorough and really make sure everything is done right. And if there's ever an issue, they're quick to address it and come up with a solution. You can tell they take pride in their work and really care about making sure their clients are happy.All in all, I would highly recommend Liberty Title to anyone in need of title and escrow services. They're a top-notch company with a great track record of success, and they're truly dedicated to providing the best possible service. So if you want to work with a team of true professionals who will go above and beyond to make sure your transaction is a success, look no further than Liberty Title! 🤩🤩
ed millikened milliken
17:22 10 Nov 22
I have been to eight closings in my life some purchasing property others selling property.At this closing I was selling property. we were asked to set in a room at a big table next to each other with the buyer sitting right next to me with his son who is a real estate agent for him sitting next to him, across was Rebecca working for the Liberty title agency. I have never been to a closing where both parties sat in the same room. It started with Rebecca siding paperwork over to us giving a brief description of what they were and having me sign one slide over to buyer for him to sign. The buyer is an older gentleman in his seventies he was not doing much reading other than signing the documents his son the real estate agent was reading the documents for him.After several documents were signed and passed over to the buyer she had a three or four page document with many many paragraphs and she stated that this was the land contract and to look it over and make sure everything was correct. Every other closing that I ever was at the title agency explained each paragraph in detail as to make sure there was a full understanding. Not this time I was asked to read all of this to make sure it was correct while I was trying to read and the buyer's son who was a real estate agent was breezing through it easily I was very distracted by the buyer and the agent Rebecca talking about quick claim deeds bill of sales and other real estate matters that I could not totally listen to while as I was trying to read this huge document myself. It was very distracting as I did not get the full conversation between the buyer and Rebecca if the questions pertain to our deal or not. I can read well enough but I am a little bit slower than most people needing to take my time to comprehend each paragraph.After doing so I noticed things missing or not as I had assumed would be in the contract after it was all doneAt one point in the meeting the buyer had asked for a calculated sheet for payments and interest which was provided at other closings I had been to and a lawyer told me that it was very wise to provide buyer with such documents to protect me from predatory deceivement of interest and primary payments. However Rebecca stated that they do not supply those because if payment of $5 extra was made it would throw everything off. Which is true but it would be documented and mathematically could be easily understood. I felt like the whole situation was rushed through. I wish I had went to a different title agency who would have did things more in line with the way I have always purchased or sold property. It did not seem like it was a concern to Rebecca that this was my investment and capital that was on the line here if something was not right it was up to me too make sure everything was. She was just there too hand papers out get them signed and collect her check at the end.My advice to anyone using Liberty title in Grand Blanc Michigan to bring a real estate lawyer with you.
Michigan PropertiesMichigan Properties
20:20 22 Aug 22
While I've used Liberty Title previously with good results, this last time my experience was anything but pleasant.1. The (supposed) final paperwork to review was emailed out at 4p the day before the scheduled 11a closing. Not a lot of time to review and no way to discuss concerns. Then, a "corrected" final paperwork was emailed out at 10a the day of closing. Since I was driving, I never received it. Worse, no one at Liberty told me there had been a change, if my realtor hadn't let me know, I never would have known.2. The purchasers' payments wouldn't clear. After waiting in the area for over 5 hours, I finally came home with no check. It did clear later and my realtor drove the check to me so I wouldn't have to go back to pick it up.3. They neglected to inform me of everything I would need to bring, even though I double checked with them twice. This meant another delay, since I had to contact my attorney to handle what was needed.3. There was a small escrow being held for final utilities. Everything's been taken care of, I've followed the instructions - emailed the final paid receipt to the person I was instructed to send to and still haven't heard anything after 12 days. No confirmation of receipt, nothing. I will be calling the office tomorrow but, seriously, this was a very unprofessional and poorly managed closing.

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