Health Insurance

Your Grand Blanc Health Insurance Agency

At The Amanda Clark Insurance Group, we understand the importance of healthcare, and our dedicated team ensures that you have access to quality healthcare services when you need them most.

Our health insurance services offer numerous benefits, including access to a wide network of healthcare providers, coverage for medical expenses and prescriptions, financial protection against high healthcare costs, preventive care services, and peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are protected during unexpected health events.

Whether you’re looking for personal and family coverage, group plans for businesses, or Medicare options for seniors, we have the right health insurance solutions to meet your specific needs.

Personal and Family

Our personal and family health insurance plans provide coverage for individuals and their loved ones, offering protection against medical costs and ensuring access to quality healthcare services.


Our group health insurance plans cater to businesses, providing comprehensive coverage for employees. With flexible options, we offer customizable plans that suit the unique needs of your organization, helping to attract and retain talent while promoting the well-being of your workforce.


Our Medicare insurance options provide coverage for seniors and individuals with specific health needs. We offer a range of Medicare plans, including Part A, Part B, Part D, and Medicare Advantage, to ensure comprehensive coverage and access to healthcare services for eligible individuals.