About us

The Amanda Clark Insurance Group

is a modern and innovative insurance agency that offers clients a dynamic and engaging experience.

We provide an extensive range of insurance offerings, encompassing personal lines like home and auto insurance, as well as commercial lines such as general liability for small businesses and workers’ compensation for large enterprises.

We aim to disrupt the industry by offering cutting-edge technology to make policy purchasing and management more streamlined with an emphasis on customer service.

Our unique approach to the industry and dedication to our clients’ needs sets us apart from traditional insurance agencies in Michigan. We take pride in delivering personalized experiences by leveraging modern technologies and industry expertise, while recognizing its commitment to top-notch customer satisfaction.

Your Trusted Shield in Uncertain Times, Safeguarding What Matters!

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that our clients enjoy peace of mind by providing them with top-notch insurance products and services. We recognize that life is prone to unexpected events, and we aim to assist our clients in safeguarding their valuable assets, be it personal or business-related.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish lasting connections with our clients by comprehending their individual needs and furnishing them with personalized insurance remedies that effectively fulfill their distinct demands. We serve and protect local families and companies with the greatest insurance products at the best prices.

Our Values

We show respect, dignity, and courtesy to one another as well as to our customers. We pay close attention to each client, anticipating their needs, and being open and honest about everything. We make an effort to be cordial, trustworthy, and responsible in our interactions with customers and other businesses.

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Our Team

Our team is comprised of experienced insurance professionals dedicated to delivering personalized service. With deep industry knowledge and a commitment to excellence, we are here to provide you with expert guidance and support throughout your insurance journey.